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Thank you for your interest in submitting articles to investmentscience.com.

We welcome submission of quality articles related to investment under uncertainty including real options for review and possible publication.

In particular, we believe that many readers would be interested in material that focus on how to accomplish a particular analytical task. Two examples of such issues are how to estimate a discount rate or how to estimate the terminal value of a project. This is not to say that other types of articles will not be considered, merely that how-to articles will likely enjoy more attention from our readers.

New ideas and concepts will in general increase the chance for publication. Note however that the writer is free to address issues that have been covered in previous articles as long as methods or conclusions are different. For example, we believe there are a variety of procedures for estimating discount rates for risky cash flows that merit consideration and publication. Thoughtful commentary and perspectives is also appreciated.

We want the site to be an objective source of quality information helpful to people considering investments in risky projects and not a marketing channel for our writers. This means that we do not accept articles where the main intent is to sell the writer's services or a product. We believe that because of this policy the site will enjoy a much higher readership and also result in more comments and suggestions for the individual writer. This policy will help to maintain the integrity of the site and enhance the credibility of not only the site but also the writers publishing on the site.

Some Specific Points

  • Strive to make articles short and to the point.
  • Copyright is owned by the writer and not InvestmentScience.com.
  • We do not pay for articles. It is not that we would not like to pay for content but the site's revenue is not at the level where we can afford to pay for articles.
  • Submit articles to editor@investmentscience.com. A decision will generally be made within 2 weeks.
  • Content format is either pdf or text.
  • For questions email us at editor@investmentscience.com.
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